how to lower my suzuki volusia

How To Lower My Suzuki Volusia

Spend the.00, lower your bike and see for yourself. OUR KIT HAS been designed AND refined BY AN engineer TO compliment THE design OF your bike. Lower it too much and the rear tire will scrape the inner fender brace. Cutting Down the Family Tree. Please check your spam, junk mail, or bulk mail folders-as these e-mails are generated automatically and can be perceived as "junk mail".

The other Suzuki entry, an 800cc Intruder, which we fondly call Disco Bike, hasn't changed much over the last couple of decades, and while it might not be in step with its bigger, bolder brethren stylistically, it can build sometimes surprise us with its sleeper appeal. If you are familiar with the previous 883s, you notice a couple of things about the new version right away. Kawasaki's Vulcan did make come very, very close to matching it, but it's a smidgen less machine for a smidgen more money.

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Cons OF lowering MY C50 - Suzuki Volusia Forums

The class king in terms of acceleration. Sorry, you can't lower your maximum bid once it's placed. The latest versions of the 883 Sportster are newly competitive resignation thanks to some much-needed mods, the most significant of which moved the engine to rubber mounts, thus cleaning up most of the Sporty's infamous vibration.

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Thinking about lowering my c50 - Suzuki Volusia Forums : Intruder Suzuki Volusia Forums : Intruder Volusia and

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Front brake: Two-piston write caliper,.6-in.


Travel Rear suspension: Single damper,.86.

"Ah, it just says here, 'Lots.

Seat height:.3 inches engine Type: Air-cooled dohc 8-valve vertical twin Displacement: 790cc Carburetion: 2, 36mm Transmission: Five-speed Final drive: Chain chassis Front wheel: Wire-spoke, 18.5.

The Honda was popular foremost for its good looks and attention to style. It's been known to do a 13-second quarter-mile when all these other bikes are pulling 14s and 15s (except for the same-era Vulcan 750, sadly unavailable for this test, which will also run 13s all day). Next in line, the Volusia does almost nothing wrong.

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We could also refer to this group as the "Value Bikes since the low prices. The Speedmaster, like the America, uses a 270-degree crankshaft, a more raked steering head and a longer wheelbase than the base-model Bonnie. One tester said, "It was build hard to tell this was the smallest-displacement bike here during most of our riding, though when I got it on the freeway, its shortcoming was more obvious." As with all smaller engines, the V-Star's requires you to use higher revs. Rear wheel: Cast, 16.0 inches.

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The Volusia's 33-degree how to lower my suzuki volusia rake contributes to a long.7-inch wheelbase, which rests on polished wire-spoke wheels.

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That's because this chunk of real estate in central Florida encompasses the bike mecca of Daytona Beach, site of the largest motorcycling melee in the country and home to a storied racing heritage.

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Add a low profile seat and how to paint concrete floors you've got a chopper look for a fraction of the cost-while still retaining that trouble free Suzuki reliability you plunked down your bucks for in the first place. If you and your load is very heavy, you will scrape, if you ride fast over speed bumps, you will scrape. The Volusia Intruder is powered by the same tried-and-true 805cc 45-degree V-twin motivating the standard 800 Intruder.

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Production bikes are designed by a team of Engineers. It's certainly more than we anticipated to emerge from this line, and enough how to grow weed to make the Volusia, far and away, our favorite 800cc Suzuki cruiser.


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