how do i put in weedeater string

How Do I Put In Weedeater String

Grasp the drum on the bottom of the trimmer with one hand and turn the spool clockwise with the other hand to remove the spool. The fact is that the first time I did this, I didnt know how to do it properly so I improvised. Flip it over to access the trimmer head. Very important: look on the spool, theres an arrow that shows the direction to wrap the line.

the store with the remaining of the string in one hand and the guys at the stores helped me through. Upload error Awesome picture!

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I also embedded here a video from that teaches you how to restring such a weed whacker.

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Hold the spool over the drum on the bottom of the trimmer.

There should be a spring attached to the spool head; this should remain in place as the user pulls the string spool up and out of the spool head.

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Best answer: Answer by thebushman go to: craftsman. Remove the retaining cap from the trimmer head. Wind new string around its spool, and you'll be ready to tackle the tall grass around your home. Push the ends of the lines through the eyelets on the sides of the drum. Step 6: Replace the spring, place the spring back on the shaft.

Machine Types, part Finder, category, equipment Brand, category. Insert the tip of the first length of trimmer line into one starter hole, and wind in the direction of the arrows. The good news is that its very easy to learn how to string a weed eater and once you get hold of it, youll usually do it in a couple of minutes. These should be designed to be relatively intuitive, but contact your trimmers manufacturer if you are having trouble figuring it out.

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In this case the spool has 2 different sections holding each line, sections separated by a divider (this is the most common type of trimmer so it is possible that your trimmer work the same). Pushing the string spool down onto the head, rotate it in a counterclockwise direction until it stops, and then give it a clockwise turn. Apply some pressure to wind it evenly. . Getting the Weedeater Back Up and Running. Some need to be rotated, some have tabs that you need to push, some others have locking rings.

If it has a gearbox, make sure it is cooled down. Move the spool to align the spool's notches with the pegs on the center of the drum. I tried to put up here a small guideline for teaching you how to do it, I also added a few videos from, but there are tons of video resources on, I just embedded here a few that I found useful, but you.

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Eduardo Mancini

Unplug it if its an electric corded trimmer or put the safety lock for gas or battery powered trimmers. Once the line is wrapped, cut the line off.

Giselle Swearngin

Give the model # and down load the operating manual. Question by h nitrogen : How do you put the string in a string trimmer? Hold the spool over the drum on the bottom of the trimmer.

Nelly Cecena

I also embedded here a video from that teaches you how to restring such a weed whacker: You may have a trimmer that has holes, but, well, on the base of the spool (we have a Troy-Bilt here).

Chana Bratcher

I have both an Echo and Honda line trimmer that are wound pretty much the same.

Anika You

In this case, the separator on the spool has one small cut that creates some kind of hook where you put the middle of the string. No matter how your trimmer works, find a way to remove the cap so you can see the spool holding the string, or at least whats left of it and then remove the remains of the string.

Eduardo Mancini

In this case, you actually dont remove any cap, the top of the spool needs to be on since you insert the line directly through the 2 outside eyelets.

Laquita Robillard

Here the line must be in one piece. Andy Power demonstrates how to fill your trimmer head with cutting line.


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