how to make knots to tie bracelets

How To Make Knots To Tie Bracelets

So start your wraps by bringing that short cord end down behind the other 2 cords: Now wrap it up over the front of all 3 cords: Then wrap it down behind all 3 cords: Now wrap it up over the front of all. 24 (61cm) will result in a necklace thats adjustable from about 12 24 (30.5cm 61cm) length. And your finished knot should look like this: The other side of the knot should look like this: Now move to the other side of your necklace. If youre using a lightweight pendant, you may want to use a finer type of cord.

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Sorry, how to Tie a Sliding Knot. Which is represented by an arrow that goes down diagonally to the right. Pull on all four ends of your knot to tighten.

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All photographs by Romain Laurent. Explore related topics, pinterest. Fold one mobile piece of cord in half, and tape the cut ends together using the masking tape. Large spring clasp, blues embroidery floss, large needle, pen.


Repeat this step on the other side, without the clasp to make a loop of cord that the clasp will catch to close the bracelet.

It can be tied to the left or to the right on top of another string.

The four basic friendship bracelet knots use double hitches in different combinations.

Take the taped end of the bracelet and place it over the folded side.

Tie off the floss with a knot, then use a needle to hide the tail under the wrapped section. Unfold the longer, marked cord and apply a thin layer of tape over the marking. Cut both of the taped ends ( a and A ) to be approximately 1 to 1 inches in length. We will take this step by step to avoid confusion.

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For the beaded friendship bracelet, repeat these steps on the other side of your bracelet.

How to Tie four basic knots in jewelry design « Jewelry

Use the currently left string to make a right hitch on top of the right string. Then simply clip off two of the three stands near the knot as shown in the first photograph below.

Finish off with the sliding knot. Let the strings switch place. In the below video, it shows you how to tie the 4 basic knots: the forward knot, the backward knot, the backward forward knot, and the forward backward knot. Next, cut 2 pieces of cord measuring at least 22 inches long.

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Chana Bratcher

Leather, waxed cotton, and nylon are the best cords Ive used for adjustable knots.

Lani Pooser

In this tutorial well make a necklace thats adjustable with sliding knots. This will leave the left string with the ability to slide through the double knot.

Catherin Friday

Im using this grungy natural-color leather cord, 2mm width, thats recycled from an old project: How Much Cord Do You Need? I have learned so much and appreciate knowing how to make my pieces look really professional. Photo 4: Pull the cord ends until you have a nice, tight larks head knot at the top of your pendant.


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