how to add sink to antique dresser

How To Add Sink To Antique Dresser

Fasten one side of the track to the support with an included screw. Install the drain and faucet and make the plumbing connection. First, cut 3-inch pieces of 1x2 and glue them together, edge to face, in an L-shape, as shown. This is easyjust unhook all the connections (have a towel handy!) and get to ripping.

Materials Sources: First thing youll need is an awesome dresser. Ive loved dressers converted into vanities for years girl after I started seeing them in balloon DIY magazines.

This is the start dresser we decided to make into a vanity: a 79 find from the lessons Salvation Army that I had originally bought to be my nightstand (I thought I needed the storage, but really didnt, so it sat empty). You wooden wont need this anymore! Remove the top drawer, lay the template that came with the sink on the dresser top and trace around it with a Sharpie-like marker. Trace the sink hole.

If youapos, disclosure, for the faucet hole we used this 1 and 14 inch drill bit. Please keep in mind we are not experts.

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Process of Installing Sink into Antique Sideboard

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Im sure there are variety of build ways to get this done, but this was our toons strategy and I think it was actually fairly simpleplus the drawers on the dresser are still functional, which is a huge plus in my book. Attach the faucet and plumbing. We tiled our vanity top. Use a jigsaw to cut a square macho out of the back piece of wood large enough for all the plumbing to set.

Again, go ahead and put silicon around the drain hole inside the sink as well (under that little rubber ring you see on bottom). This will keep things nice and sealed so water does not run out as it goes down the drain. I have a few tips after going through this process: look for a dresser that is at least 34 tall and at least 20 wide. If the dresser has top drawers, you will have to separate the drawer from the drawer face to make room for the plumbing.

I think it would be great either way. Turns out most dressers arent that tall, or that wide, so this was the hardest part of our search. Find dressers that are made of solid wood and sturdy. Fortunately we were able to leave the bottom drawer alone, it fit in under the plumbing perfectly. I loooooove this transformation.

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(Sorry about the lack of photos for these next stepspoor planning. Run a bead of silicone caulk around the sink cut-out and drop the sink into the hole. Next we measured the distance from the sink drain hole to the front of the dresser.

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Crista Balding

Project timeline: how to add sink to antique dresser Day 1: Modify the drawers (Steps 28). Ive written a few posts about the process so far, but this post has all the information in one spot, including cutting space for the drain pipe (the most daunting part). Drill a hole through the bottom back corner for water hoses.

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This part is going to be different for every dresser, but the general idea is the same. Also, make sure you wait until the sealer on how to add sink to antique dresser your countertop is cured (so like 72 hours) before you put painters tape on itit will pull up the sealer. When we decided to start renovating our bathroom last month I knew I wanted a dresser as my new vanity.

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If the dresser top is removable without damaging the dresser, you can replace it with a premade top. On this dresser, the upper drawer must be removed to allow room for the drop-in sink. Add spacers to fill the gap between the blocking and the dresser, securing them with glue how to make a bottle rocket and brads.

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Square up the track before driving a second screw, then drive screws through the remaining holes.

Prince Bump

Hold the rail in place, and secure it to the drawer with the included inch wood screws. Next, we tackle the rest of the bathroom.

Adolfo Bartmess

I painted it white a few years ago, but for my bathroom how to become a mechanic I wanted it to be a pure green. Dressers almost always have a back.

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11 Step Eleven / How to how to make methamphetamine Turn a Dresser into a Bath Vanity Follow the slide's installation instructions to position the inner rail against the side of the drawer.

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Install the slide on the other side in the same way.

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First, measure between the front and back of the dresser frame just above the wooden guide, as shown.

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The best option is to use an above-the-counter sink that simply sits on top of the existing dresser. When you finish the dresser conversion including sink and plumbing installation, use a pin nailer with 1-1/4-inch pin nails to nail the drawer front onto the face of the drawer opening as if there were a real drawer behind. Where are you going with this?


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